• Make a plan. Set up a timeline, hold yourself accountable, reward success, and deal with backsliding. Look for support from others.
  • Make a choice. Don’t fail from lack of trying. Make the choice to succeed and have the things you need for success close at hand.
  • Resist temptation. It is always easy to come up with an excuse to “take a break” from the new habit. Consistency is the key.
  • Hold yourself accountable. It takes at least 60 consecutive days to really establish a habit. Commit and follow through.
  • Discipline will take your goals and turn them into accomplishments. Set a schedule and stick with it. Remind yourself of the goal… that will be your reward once the new habit is successfully established.

How Can You Help Your Patients Develop a Good Elastic Habit

The five steps listed above are self directed… you helping yourself… How can we restructure those steps in order to help your patients help themselves???

Developing a Compliance Program as a part of your practice is the first step